Just another Midwest November evening and as the clock ticks on I grow more aware of an inner tickle, the desire for change.  It seems that much like the seasons, I go through a cycle of my characteristic optimism about the ebb and flow of life and then WHAM! All of a sudden I start to feel like everything is in limbo, like I’m treading water with no idea how to proceed toward tomorrow. 

Change has been a big part of my life and I like to think I’ve become pretty good at navigating uncharted territory.  Sometimes it’s exciting to think tomorrow something might change and my life could be completely different from what I expected or I could meet a new person or start a new project that leads me in a whole new direction.  That’s part of what keeps life interesting…variety, change, creativity and of course passion. 

The trick of course, is finding your balance in the midst of all of life’s changes and still being able to smile and say “Hey, life is good!”  In my effort to find my balance, and perhaps a new direction (or #lifetwist) I’ve decided to explore and then share what I’ve learned with you.  I hope you’ll join me on my path of randomosity!


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