Birds, Bees and Friends Like Thee

I often ruminate about relationships. I’m not just talking romantic relationships, I mean it more in the general sense of those we relate to on various levels throughout our lives which of course includes romantic unions. We’re such complicated creatures and at times it seems as though we’ll always be out of sync with regard to expectations and communication styles, thankfully plenty of people get along just fine and leave examples for the rest of us.

Psychological type has been an interest of mine since my undergrad days and not surprisingly, it’s an area that offers some insight into the ways people communicate and perceive things. There are many tests you can take to help you determine your type (I’m an INFP according to the MBTI) and there are even some abridged tests that you can access for free. Each person is unique and we all know this line well but the depth and breadth of observation leading to the classification of psychological types makes it worth considering as a valuable tool to help us understand and communicate better with the people around us whether it’s a friend, a colleague, your boss or that person you can’t stop thinking about.

There are countless websites and books about psychological type as well as relationships and communication and you can click HERE to see one that’s been around a long time to get you started.


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