Gearing Up

I’ve been slowly but surely gathering the materials for my home dark room lately and I just about have everything I need. I’m really looking forward to processing film again. It’s a little more challenging to create a home dark room than when you’re using a professional dark room but I think it will work out pretty well. I’m using one of my bathrooms which will work well for the wet side of processing. Now I know many people seem to think the days of analog photography and traditional film processing are antiquated and that everyone should switch over to digital and that’s fine if you’re willing to miss out on the beautiful creative control one has when you handle film start to finish. There’s something about seeing something with your mind’s eye and capturing it with your camera, taking it home and carefully and patiently developing the film. Once you’ve finished your negatives and they’re dry, you get to re-experience seeing what caught your eye in the first place. When you examine your film with a light box and a loupe you get to see close-up if you were able to capture what you hoped to and then you prepare the frames that you want to process into prints.

I used to spend hours on end in a dark room making various prints. I’ve continued taking pictures but haven’t been able to develop my film in some time so I have quite a few rolls to develop. As soon as I get the last few items I need I’m going to be spending plenty of my free hours working with my film. Some of the rolls will be a delicious new discovery since I’ve completely forgotten what was on them. I’ve been rather unorganized over the last couple years lol. Things are starting to get back on track though and I’m happy to dig into my photography at a deeper level again. If I could afford a nice enlarger I just might spend days in my darkroom instead of  hours lol.

I look forward to the day that all of my previously shot rolls are developed and I’ve made all the prints I want from them and will be working with all currently shot images. For now, I’m focusing on my black and white film. I love the depth and texture and nuance in black and white images. The rest of my supplies should arrive before Christmas so I know reindeer and Santa Claus won’t be the only things stirring at night!


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