New Directions?

Life is pretty random-seeming sometimes. At the drop of a hat or the blink of an eye, something can change even the slightest amount and push you in a new direction. Last night my car died at the gas station and thankfully, it was only about a 15-20 minute walk home. A friend went to examine what went wrong this morning and there’s something wrong with the tension pulley and that had caused the belt around the alternator to snap off and stop working so the battery died and the car won’t work. Even in something like a car that we use each day and take for granted all the minute and integrated parts work in such orchestration that even a small pulley, out of place, causes a large change or causes it to not function properly.

Ok, so what’s the point? Little changes can equal big results (regardless of whether you consider the result good or bad.) I’m pondering how quickly this little pulley in my car that stopped working last night has caused my today to be altogether different than I’d originally assumed it would go. My friend graciously towed my car to Rocky’s to have it looked at and see if it’s worth repairing and here I sit, pondering life, the universe and everything on a beautiful Tuesday. I feel compelled to write at the moment. I feel compelled to share things I’ve written in the past whether poem or song or fiction. I feel compelled to find a new direction and I wonder, how slight a change would I need to make in order to realize the changes I really would like in my life? Something to think about for a bit as I decide what to share from my writings in honor of National Poetry Month.


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