Raindrops and Sneezes

Aaaachooo! As the drip, drip, drop of April showers patter against my bedroom windowpane. My mind is hardly still as I try to settle for the evening and the sneezing animates things further lol. Of course the logical conclusion was to blog about this most fascinating information! Well, really the writing is relaxing in itself and something about the sound of rain makes me enjoy writing even more.

I haven’t been feeling the greatest today and felt sore and achy, a bit flu-like and drained. I ended up huddled under covers and asleep for most of the day and then curled on the couch under blankets really until I decided to climb back into bed. Not a very eventful day and I suppose sometimes our bodies just plain need a rest.

I did come across some interesting animations of speeches done by the RSA.I thought it was unique and entertaining to watch the speech unfold visually as a narrated storyboard on top of the interesting content. I had been researching the nature of employee engagement and motivation and looking for best practice articles. Interestingly enough, I found the RSA Animate on a speech given by Dan Pink  “Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us”  (who wrote a book of the same name) through a link posted by a fellow ENFP on Linkedin rather than during my Google search.

There are so many facets of human nature/ behavior that are interesting, especially when you look at niche environments or with respect to achievement of specific goals whether individually or within an organization. I was doing research on SHRM‘s site as well but since I’m not currently a member I couldn’t access most of the really interesting sounding articles. Randomly, that reminds me of the SHRM 2007 conference in Vegas that I attended as a guest. I really enjoy conferences and this one left a big impression on me. I even won a big Trumpasaurus stuffed animal from the Monster Worldwide booth which I had autographed by the designer, Allan Downing (and a t-shirt with Trump on it)! It inhabits the top of my bookcase to this day lol.





 Well, I think that’s enough rambling for tonight…the sneezing has ceased and the rhythmic lull of the rain has begun to encourage yawning and drooping eyelids.

G’night y’all!


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