Who Am I?

Welcome to my blog! I’ll be sharing random things here, some of which may be about myself and what’s going on in my life at the time and some of which will be about things I’m researching and learning about. I hope you’ll enjoy the path with me! Comment, question, start a conversation!

I design and create jewelry that I sell. I love gems and minerals, or you could just say I’m a rockhound. I also love beads and wire work. I love camping and being outdoors.  I’m a bibliophile whose shelves could use another book or ten.  I’m a researcher and explorer of human behavior, communication and interpersonal relationships.  I love technology and social media.   I like to sing and I still play and enjoy coloring.  I love animals, especially my two ever-under-foot kitties Thomas and Thea.  I would like to travel more often and I would like to be fluent in multiple languages so I can connect with more people.  I want to learn new things every day and I’m happy invite you along for the journey!

Welcome to the path of randomosity, may your journey be a good one.


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